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Therapy Offerings

A bit about trauma...

Trauma is more a part of life than we may realize.  Trauma does not have to mean you were horrifically abused or witnessed death.  it does not have to mean you went to war.  Trauma is personal and individual.  It can occur from seemingly small or embarrassing moments, but those moments may have long-lasting and debilitating impacts for years to come.

Christian Counseling

Jenny Currie, the founder of Fresh Start Therapy and Wellness, LLC, believes that Christ is ultimately the Great Counselor and Great Healer who wants to give each person an abundant life.  Fresh Start, of course, is open to anyone seeking help and accepts each person where he or she is at in the journey.  Jenny believes that all truth is God's truth, and so, while not everyone may want to incorporate Christian counseling, she believes that grace, love, and truth are still powerful in anyone's healing.  For those who want a Christian approach, prayer and Scripture are woven into the fabric of therapy.  

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