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Why Fresh Start Therapy and Wellness?  

Our Mission: Fresh Start Therapy and Wellness, LLC seeks to empower individuals, couples, and families to embrace their value and purpose through a caring and honest approach.

At Fresh Start Therapy and Wellness, LLC, we want each individual and couple to know they matter and that they are seen.  Mental health therapy provides an opportunity for support and fresh perspectives, assistance in bridging the gap from where someone is to where he or she wants to be.  Life can get better!

We were not meant to do life alone.  We need each other.  Research confirms this.  Let a clinician or coach come alongside you individually in your new beginning.  Maybe you need help connecting with your significant other.  Maybe the individual needs to heal old wounds.  Whatever the need may be, we at Fresh Start want to help empower each person and infuse hope.

Fresh Start also offers Christian counseling to those who want to approach mental health therapy with a faith-based approach; however, anyone is welcome and can forgo a faith-based approach if desired.  We simply recognize that faith for many is a critical part of the journey and gives them the fresh start they need.

Why Fresh Start

It can help with

Services & Insurance

Individual Therapy

For ages 3 and up

Individual therapy includes a variety of therapeutic approaches.  Talk therapy is infused with components of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Psychodynamic approaches.  The clinician may also utilize art therapy techniques when helpful that can be appreciated by people of all ages.  Play therapy is utilized with children as young as age three.  Younger adolescents often appreciate incorporating play with therapeutic games and nontraditional methods in a relaxed atmosphere.  The treatment is tailored to the individual need.

Individual Therapy Services Westerville

Insurance Accepted

Fresh Start Accepts the Following Insurance:

  • Anthem BCBS (Connecticut)

  • Aetna (Connecticut or Ohio)

  • Medical Mutual (Ohio)

  • United Healthcare (Ohio)

  • Oxford (Ohio)

  • Oscar (Ohio)

Insurance Agent

Couples’ Therapy

Serving married and non-married couples

In any relationship, there may come a time when two people hit an impasse.  The problem looms like a colossal mountain.  Let a clinician help you learn to communicate, care, and convey what is need to get to the other side.  Most sessions will be joint, but at times the clinician may decide an individual session is needed.  These are used only when necessary to preserve the focus on the client: the couple's relationship.  The clinician may suggest that each person may also benefit from seeing an individual therapist if the situation is especially complex.

Professional Relationship Therapist

Life Coaching

With our certified life coach

We all do better with a good coach to help keep us on track. If you are looking for someone to help encourage, support, and challenge you, this coaching is for you.  We'll help you get some clear focus, discover your roadblocks and come up with a plan

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Meet the team

Meet The Team

Professional Counselors and Therapists

Jenny Currie

Founder and CEO


Jenny has a BA in Elementary and Special Education and an MA in Professional Counseling from Liberty University.  She is an LPC in Connecticut and an LPCC-S (supervisor) in Ohio.  Jenny specializes in trauma with adults and adolescents.  For over three years, she worked in residential treatment centers with substance/alcohol use and eating disorders.  She then went into private practice and has worked with adolescents and adults.  Utilizing CBT, DBT, EMDR, talk therapy, and art therapy techniques, she seeks to reach each person where he or she is at in the growth process.  

Life Coaching Services Westerville

Kent Currie


Certified Life Coach


Kent Currie is a Certified Life Coach and has a passion for helping men with self-discipline, time management, and career exploration.  Kent is a graduate of Grace College and has done Master's work at Grace Theological Seminary and Trinity International University.  He has been in full-time church and camp ministry for over 17 years serving children and their families.  In that time, he has developed and cultivated numerous men's  groups supporting husbands and father's in their quests to reach their potential.   

Get in Touch with us

Located in Westerville, Ohio

contact Jenny Currie to get started  or  Tel. 203-293-8554

contact Kent Currie Coaching or Tel. 330-703-6742

Thanks for reaching out to us. We'll contact you soon.

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